I was born and raised in Edison and attended our great public school system. I loved my experience so much that I moved my family back to Edison. I own a construction management company that works in NYC on schools and hospitals, as well as on corporate interiors.


As a successful alumnus of our Edison schools, I have the utmost appreciation for the townships education system, and want to continue to maintain our excellent standing. Currently, I feel that our board is missing someone with knowledge in the construction, and maintenance field. With our ever increasing enrollment and the construction projects that have run over budget, and run over schedule the last few years, I believe having someone with my extensive knowledge can greatly reduce those two costly issues.


We need to be careful with controlling construction cost as our schools continue to grow. For every project that is over budget or behind schedule, we lose the funds that could be used to address the overcrowding problems we are facing. I believe I can bring the expertise that is currently lacking to the board and guide them into making better, more cost-effective choices.





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